Robots Everywhere has operated in a consulting role since its inception. Our past and current customers include:

We take every job seriously, from providing support for a $15 audio-serial modem module to taking responsibility for a $15,000,00 solar tracking system. Our Relentless Development model allows us to complete custom design and programming in days where others take weeks, without sacrificing quality or value.

Please contact us for quotes and times on custom work; we love solving practical problems!

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  1. Lloyd Olson says:


    Let’s talk about your helping with a medical device design I have been working on as a non-engineer.

    Lloyd Olson 719-310-9530

  2. Ram says:


    I need your expertise in designing a coconut tree climbing robot. Coconut trees are usually vertical, and do not have any branches, so there are no obstructions. Need to equip the robot with an arm, preferably laser to cut coconut bunch, or leaf – something like using your L-Cheapo.

    Pl. call me on 678.907.6960 if you like to discuss about it.


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