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  • Antbot Logic Board - Arduino

    A low cost, high reliability Android robotics platform! Turn any smartphone or wifi camera into an autonomous rover. Features two motor outputs, two servo outputs, and has sockets for Arduino shields and high-power motor drivers.

    39 $

  • L-Cheapo Mk6

    CO2 laser cutting depth at less cost and no hassle. Cuts 1/8 inch acrylic in one pass. Only one moving part. 10W output.

    265 $

  • Pocket Chlorophyll Detector

    Developed for NASA-Ames's Astrobiology department, this simple device will let you detect chlorophyll concentration without having to touch the sample. Great for analyzing plant health... or looking for extraterrestrial life.

    299 $

  • Antbot System - Propeller

    The original Android robotics solution, continually improved since 2010. Upcycle your old Android phone into an autonomous rover. Features 12 connectors for servos and sensors.

    199 $

  • L-Cheapo Mk5

    The flagship L-Cheapo model. Can cut 5mm plywood, transparent acrylic, and more. 8W output.

    225 $

  • Multiple-Gas Detector

    A solid state system to continuously measure the quality of synthetic gas produced by your gasifier, to prevent CO buildup and ensure clean-burning operation.

    495 $

  • Renegade Rover

    This heavy duty rover is capable of carrying your deliveries to the post office, your groceries home, and has even been used as a robotics stretcher! Available in Android, XBEE, or analog control flavors.

    599 $

  • L-Cheapo Mk4

    Turn any 3D printer into a laser engraver/cutter! Cuts wood, acrylic, fabric, paper. 5.6W output.

    185 $

  • Minimodem

    Turns your Android phone's audio jack into a serial output port. Perfect for controlling home automation or RC projects with a cheap Android phone, no Bluetooth required.

    14 $

  • Telepresence Rig

    A five-foot-tall telepresence rig that won't break the bank. Works with Skype (using a companion app) and Linphone (out of the box). Compatible with Android 4 tablets and above.

    699 $

  • 3D Printer Sequential Accessory

    This simple accessory will sweep a finished workpiece off your 3D printer, allowing for continuous operation overnight if you are printing small parts. Requires NO software!

    105 $

  • Heavy Duty Motor Controller

    A small but powerful controller for brushed motors that uses automotive relays to handle hundreds of amps, and still gives you solid-state PWM speed control.

    105 $