By | February 7, 2019

The latest iteration of the original Android robotics platform!

Got an old Android phone? Turn it into a small, affordable telepresence rig or mobile camera.

Compatible with LinPhone and our own RobotsAnywhere app. Completely open source and open schematic.

Any Android phone and any SIM will work! Seriously, Android 2.x and Android 1.x work with this. If you have a phone with a compass, it will even do some autonavigation. RobotsAnwyhere is designed to run over 2G, so it won’t kill your data rates either.

It’s also compatible with those acrylic “smart car” kits that you can buy, in case you happen to have one of those that broke and want to make a replacement out of a more sensible material.

To see it go:

For the electronics:

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