Jan 2014 – Hydraulic rocker-bogie

We’re developing an iteration on the classic rocker-bogie suspension, replacing the levers and gears that usually handle the structural stress with hydraulic fluid. This also leads to the suspension occupying significantly less “prime” space on the vehicle, and allows a simple actuator…Read More »

Propbridge Rover Lineup

From top to bottom: Stationary Propbridge Environmental Station (Off; Panel and outer cover removed) Stationary Propbridge Environmental Station (Running; Huawei DTS phone) Mobile Propbridge Environmental Station / Slow Rover (Standby; Motorola Droid Pro phone) Note that the Propbridge firmware now is unified…Read More »

Feb 2012 – Propbridge RA integration

The Propbridge is now able to function as a RobotsAnywhere platform. We will soon begin testing our new solar rover design (“soon” being defined as “when the solar panels are shipped in”!).