PropBridge (formerly Thalamoid)

We offer the PropBridge low cost, open source, scriptable remote data collection platform to science customers.

The PropBridge is a software/hardware interface which expands your smartphone’s sensory capabilities. Inspired by the brain structure called the thalamus, Propbridge allows your Android device to control and filter sensory input such as smell, moisture detection, pressure sensitivity and so-forth.

With PropBridge, your device can connect with popular electronic data collection instruments, sensors and probes. Versatility is at the heart of Propbridge, whether you’re using a simple analog sensor purchased off the shelf or precision scientific probes, rangefinders, nautical NMEA devices, motion detectors and more.

PropBridge can also function as a RobotsAnywhere platform, allowing a mobile device to control an autonomous vehicle, or as a NAVCOM AI platform with the addition of an accelerometer for low cost, high precision autonomy. This means that instead of spending thousands of dollars on proprietary telemetry and navigation equipment, your needs can be met by a smartphone and some clever bridging electronics.

Propbridge was originally developed in coordination with NASA! To view extensive details on development, schematics and implementation, visit our Wiki page.

PropBridge 2.0 is available for purchase now!

The complete “Robot Mushroom” is an inexpensive and permanent installation for environmental data monitoring. The supplied components are a complete Propbridge board, solar panel, battery, weather resistant case and grounding spike.

You may additionally use your own Android phone, or an unlocked GSM Android phone can be purchased with your order, allowing turnkey operation; please note that selecting the smartphone option will require a mobile data plan with a compatible cellular service provider.

To purchase, please click the Buy/Download link in the top menu.

Due to individual environmental testing of each unit, orders of 10 or more will require a 48 hour lead time.

Thalamoid Board


We expect to offer multiple options including:

  • Full PropBridge Board — Available now!
  • DIY Kit – Partially Assembled (SMD parts) — Available now!
  • Fixed Instrument Station — Available now!
  • Autonomous Mobile Instrument Station (details and video here) — Available now!
  • TruCorder handheld sensor package — Coming Soon!