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Antbot and Antbot Accessories

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The Antbot board is now available in standalone mode: you can still use it as an Arduino shield, but you can also solder an Arduino and crystals on it to use it by itself. In standalone mode, it can accept shields — just be aware that some of the I/O pins are taken by the modem and motor controller.

We now also support the MSP430 and Picaxe controller.

The USB port is charge-only, control happens via the audio jack. In addition, you do get two extra servo connectors for a gripper, pan/tilt and so on.

If you want to buy one, contact us or email at orders@robots-everywhere.com or use the contact form.

The Antbot software is compatible with all Android phones and can be found on our Wiki. In addition, we offer a Java applet that lets any device with a speaker output control the system.

The Antbot Pro features a Propeller MCU, autonomous navigation with or without the phone, and the ability to support multiple sensors and servos like the Propbridge. However, since it is designed around the chassis, it is not sold without it.

For larger rovers we currently recommend using a Propbridge board and loading the robotics firmware on it; we have done custom designs for a number of customers, including banks, solar power providers, and even NASA.

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