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msp430 Launchpad Antbot Firmware and Booster Pack

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A New way to Antbot

After TI released the msp430 Launchpad, a series of very low-power RISC microcontrollers, the Robots Everywhere team quickly set to work. We were even able to develop a few new features while maintaining board and firmware compatibility with our standard Antbot software. This particular model was successfully tested with a direct drive analog joystick remote controlled by XBEE radio, since the firmware also supports simple differential-drive commands.

What makes it special?

We have employed the low-power msp430 microcontroller to show that the Launchpad system can work just as effectively as an Arduino. The firmware responsiveness has been improved over the stock system, and adapted for more direct control. The result is that the author of the firmware has implemented a simple, versatile digital RC platform. A release of the RC firmware, compatible with Arduino, is pending.


The source is available on github under the GPLv3+

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