Face shield intended to be used with any transparent plastic sheet that may be lying around (transparency sheet, x-ray, etc.)

https://imgur.com/gallery/D79BKFx Instructions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb01Zu3xlmk Video instructions on how to fit the screen and elastic

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4240063 STL

Inspired by the Prusa face shield.

Advantages of this design:

  • Stackable: it can be printed in multiple copies overnight from a standard printer, just remove the sprues with a wire cutter. Doubles productivity for small shops.
  • Cheap/fast: Uses as little filament as possible, and uses Office Depot / Staples transparent sheet protectors (which also come sealed). Prints quickly.
  • Adaptable: Any transparent plastic sheet will do - both flexible and rigid sheets will fit. Only needs one rubber band or similar for holding it in place.
  • Easy to clean: Microwaveable, and the sheets can be replaced quickly and without tools, so they can be treated as disposable. Can be washed.
  • Easy to customize: The design can be enlarged or shrank as much as 15% without any changes in hole/peg placements etc.
  • Small: This can be printed on consumer grade 20x15cm printers (e.g. Monoprice clones) whereas the NIH one cannot.
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