The Antbot is a small, rugged robotic rover featuring ease of reprogramming, varying levels of processing power and excellent speed and battery capacity; it supports a variety of standard interfaces and it is upgradeable. It is mostly suited to education, research, and hobbyist use, with RobotsAnywhere surpassing it as the newer industrial platform.

Schematics and Source Code

Genetic Programming

The Antbot was used by Riley August at the University of Ottawa in conjunction with a genetic programming framework to develop a language that is more suited than existing GP languages to run on lower-performance desktop computers and still achieve usable results. The language, SEBeLS (State and Event Based Logic Scripting) is documented within this wiki, and downloadable with the other available firmware options for the Antbot here. The genetic programming framework used to simulate the Antbots and develop new individuals can be found on the Antbot Genetic Programming Framework page.

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