This is the download page!

If you just need the RobotsAnywhere console, the most recent build is here.

You may download the computer server here (Tested on Windows and Linux, works on MacOS but with a few layout issues on smaller screens) and the client Android app here. The configuration utility may be retrieved here.

PLEASE CONTACT US FOR UPDATED SOURCES as this wiki may be out of date.

An older build of the Android server is here. This server allows limited control through an Android phone. Current binaries will be updated shortly.

Java sources can be found here as Eclipse projects.

Install Guide

Using Robots Anywhere

These binaries may be downloaded and used by anyone who wishes to make use of the Robots Anywhere system.

''Legalese: Creative Commons 3.0 Noncommercial Sharealike, Attribution to Robots Everywhere,LLC.' '

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