What you should start with.
Drill through the heatsink.
You will need a 7/32" or 15/64" drill bit.
Insert the diode into the heatsink....
... until it sticks out like so
Cut the fan wire - you can use it as the power wire for the whole thing.
Put the diode and heatsink against the PCB like in the picture and use the heatsink's legs to solder it into place.
Solder in the diode leads.
Solder in the fan and power leads. (V1: they are interchangeable; V2: there is a mark on the PCB noting which goes where. V1 shown)
Be sure to remove excess wire! A short could send unregulated voltage through the diode and burn it.
This is what the back of the PCB should look like.
Fit the board into the plastic holder.
Use a zip tie to fasten the two together.
Use two zip ties to fasten the fan to the holder.
Pew Pew Pew!
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