Robots Anywhere is an advanced control system that runs on Android, and uses a hardware interface to allow a phone to control almost any type of robot or autonomous vehicle. Drones on land, sea, and air are all possible using Robots Anywhere, with off-the-shelf commercial hardware.


The RobotsAnywhere app can output signals via bluetooth, wifi, serial, and audio to a "spinal cord" circuit like our own Antbot Board. It is compatible with any Android phone running Android 4 or subsequent (If you have an Android 2 or 1 phone that you want to upcycle, simply contact us and we will give you the old versions!)


Robots Anywhere Installation Guide


See the Antbot product page for the console, as well as APK downloads.

The source code is available on request, this product is not currently supported for commercial deployment. Our hardware is still available under the same lifetime Robots Anywhere warranty you've always trusted.


Robots Anywhere 2.0 is in development, expected to release near the end of 2020 with improved support, documentation, and a new generation of Android-based robotics solutions.

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