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Robots Everywhere has been taking to the skies unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) since 2007, with our first Android-driven UAV flying in 2010. Their utility is only really limited by the imagination of their owners, but their value and utility in surveying, transport and shipping and search and rescue, the utility of our cost-effective systems puts you in control.

Robots Anywhere Powerglider

The most recent application of the Robots Anywhere system is in conjunction with our lightweight PropDIP control board, which handles flight controls on an RC powerglider. This system took to the air initially in 2011, working with a full NAVCOM system and interfacing with a mobile phone running Robots Anywhere.


Ithuriel – the NAVCOM Bomber

Developed at St Mary’s University alongside ELAINE, Ithuriel applied the same NAVCOM system to aircraft. In addition to controlling the plane and allowing it to navigate to and circle waypoints, it also ran an additional algorithm to target and drop payloads on waypoints specified to the AI. Boasting a 50cm precision, this system can also be used to ferry cargo without landing, send supplies in search and rescue situations and to deploy secondary drones for wide-area survey.


Ithuriel Images

A quick note: We do NOT sell any military equipment or any equipment configured for a violent role.

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