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Making affordable autonomous robots since 2008.

Building a World with Robots Everywhere

Robots Everywhere: specializing in affordable, autonomous robots since 2008.We have developed autonomous navigation systems used on sailboats, surveyor boats, airplanes, indoor and outdoor land vehicles, and submarines.

Our fanatical team of mechanical, electronic, and software engineers are striving to put an end to human toil by putting robots everywhere!

While our true love is engineering, we also have a profound passion for science. The idea of using our data collection platform for scientific data logging was hatched while working with astrobiologists and planetary scientists from NASA Ames Research Center: scientists who study extreme environments on Earth to generate a base of comparison for the search for alien life. These scientists need inexpensive, safe ways to be able to gather climate data about locations like the Empty Quarter, the Atacama and Antarctica.

Once upon a time, when a field scientist left the field, data ceased to be collected. Then, we got excellent commercial data logging systems: the ability to set up a weather station and return to it 3 months later for a data set revolutionized environmental field science… The next logical step is to make that sort of data acquisition reliably real-time without increasing cost: in the last 10 years mobile phones have gone from elite to ubiquitous and the infrastructure to use them is now present even in much of the developing world. Thanks to economies of scale, a pocket computer that would not have looked out of place in an Asimov or Heinlein novel can now be bought from a tuk-tuk in the streets of India for a fraction of the cost of a data logging system.

The PropBridge aims to bridge that gap and make it an order of magnitude cheaper to conduct scientific data gathering.

Robots Everywhere - Autonomous vehicles and data loggers.

Robots Everywhere operates under the auspices of PR ONE INC, CALLE VIGIA 14A, Ponce, PR 00730 USA. Some rights reserved.

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