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Who and what is Robots Everywhere? Robots Everywhere is a small ad-hoc group of professionals from multiple countries in multiple continents who come together on a project by project basis. We have sold and supported our technology from Alaska to Nepal and will gladly respond to inquiries in Chinese, English, Italian and Spanish. We definitely mean both the Robots and the Everywhere parts!

Where can I get a Robots Everywhere product? Right here on this site! We are offering PropBridge 2.0 and Audio Serial Module hardware right now; our Antbot offerings are at www.osbots.com. The NAVCOM and PropBridge 1.0 platforms are open standards, but we do provide reference designs.

What mobile devices do you currently support? All Android phones, from the ADP to the newest devices — firmware version 1.5x and above. We also support packet radios such as the Digi XStream.

How many sensors, probes and instruments can we connect at the time? Depending on the sensor type, between 16 and 20 on the PropBridge and between 4 and 10 on the Antbot Pro.

What is the data output format? For all datalogging devices, data is stored in CSV format on the board and can then be elaborated further on the phone — you can write your own Android app with a very simple API that only has to deal with the filesystem: if you can read and write to a text file, you can interface with the propbridge! We prefer to use human readable ASCII formats whenever possible.

Is there a PropBridge / Antbot API? The documentation is still being written, but will be available at will be available at http://robots-everywhere.com/re_wiki once finished. The Propbridge and the RobotsAnywhere apps are compatible with Android 1.5 and above, so get those old phones out of the drawer. We do encourage you to check out the source and release your own variant, of course…

What does Relentless Development mean? Relentless Development is our work in progress solution to the Good-Cheap-Fast trilemma. By leveraging rapid prototyping techniques and keeping administrative overhead low (We have successfully automated most of our management!) we can deliver Good and Fast without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.

Why does your packaging look recycled? RBecause it is. We try to minimize our environmental impact by reusing boxes, only using padding made from cardboard, and not adding unnecessary layers of packaging to our products. After all, you bought a machine, not a pretty box. In addition to helping the environment (reduce, reuse, recycle, in that order) it also lets us shave a couple dollars off the price you pay.

What happened to the Thalamoid and PhiNominal? Robots Everywhere developed the original Thalamoid boards and has a trademark pending on the name. However, we have decided to put the brand on hiatus after repeated intimidation attempts – The PropBridge 2.0 is the same technology that was originally intended to be marketed as the Thalamoid. Other than said threats and insults, the PhiNominal group’s status is unknown to us. Last we heard, their CEO and COO were the recipients of a drug bust in January 2012. They have since decided to sever business relations with us.

Did you really scoop Google? We started selling RobotsAnywhere Antbots roughly six months before they presented their Cellbots platform — in fact, we introduced RobotsAnywhere at the 2010 IO Conference.

I need a custom autonomous vehicle, can you build me one? Most likely! Let us know what you want it to do, how much it should cost, and what your licensing preference with respect to the design are.

I need a weaponized drone, can you build me one? We probably can, but we definitely won’t. No Robots Everywhere product will be sold in a configuration allowing it to perform intentional acts of violence.

What other services do you offer? As a side project, we provide website hosting. For example, we host and contribute to the Emlia open tactical gaming platform and maintain the Derpy Mail service.

Where is the old website? The old website can be accessed at http://robots-everywhere.com/re_site/index.php?page=home

Still can’t find the info you need? Send us an email at support@robots-everywhere.com or use the Contact Us form.

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