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The quickest way to get personal support is by using the web form.

We will try to respond to any inquiry within 24 hours, 7 days a week. Since we play a support role in nautical and scientific field operations, occasionally everyone on staff will be deployed and you will only receive a quick acknowledgment.

You can also get a hold of us at if you prefer.

That said… As much as we like robots, we pledge to never make you interact with one unless you want to! Your email will always be read and answered by a developer or a financial analyst.

We will not be able to support third-party UIs for the Propbridge, although we will gladly do a code review and test for basic compatibility if you are developing one!

We generally release source code and schematics under a Creative Commons license after extended environmental testing is complete. The next round of testing is scheduled for March 2012 as part of the Spaceward Bound initiative. The relevant data will be available at — in the meantime, if you wish to get an advance peek, just ask us!

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